As I sit by the ocean on this gloriously beautiful day I am overcome by its vastness-and yet as vast as it seems to me I am only experiencing a minute glimpse of how vast it truly is.

It brings to mind the love of our heavenly Father. Like the ocean it is so vast we cannot begin to comprehend it on this side of glory. We are limited to our earthly vision and understanding.

Today the sun is bright, the sky cloudless and the sea is clear and calm. Small children play at the shore and daddies dip the sweet bare feet of their babies into its coolness.

So many parallels come to my mind. We can treat the love of God like the ocean and only experience a gentle spray or we can plunge in (like Peter did when he saw Jesus on the shore) and be totally immersed in its vastness. If we only tiptoe at the edge and run away every time the cool water touches our feet we will never really experience the ocean. But when we commit, when we let the waves roll over us, and the salt burn our eyes; when we are enveloped in its cool refreshing embrace then and only then have we really experienced the ocean.

It is the same with the vast, vast love of God. We can never know Him fully by tiptoeing around the edges. We have to let go and be fully immersed in His love. We have to commit, take that plunge to really feel the power.

Will it always be calm and peaceful like today? That would be a resounding NO, however no matter the storm, the tempest , God’s love will see us through. Unlike the ocean that is every changing God’s love remains unchanged through the ages. As humans we may change the way we present it but His love, His promises, His Word to us is steadfast and changeless. His love is unfailing if we only surrender to His ageless gift of love to us-sweet Jesus, our way to the Father.

So today as I sit here and watch the waves, the gulls, the children on the shore I bask in the beautiful sunny day and the never-ending light of His love.

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